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Artist of the Week: Molly Raye (AKA Alieraah)

Captivated by all things strange and different, official brickly artist Molly Raye (or Alieraah)'s style exists in a league of its own. From fearsome creatures to Mecha-Babes, Raye doesn't shy away from the sources of inspiration that make her sci-fi warriors so distinct and full of personality.

A Rhode

Artist of the Week: Isaac Snyder (AKA SoccerSnyderi)

A Western New York native and long-standing member of the LEGO community, Isaac Snyder (or @soccersnyderi on brickly) made a name for himself with his simple, elegant castle models. Venturing from hyper-realistic depictions of real life settings to imaginative plays on middle earth, Snyder's growth as an artist since his

The Value of Ideas Over Pieces

As a child, LEGO had broad themes that built on aspirations of the imagination. I could journey into space, build myself a castle, or run my own bustling metropolis. While sets served as the initial blueprints for construction, they were merely a jumping-off point. The real fun came with the