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Artist of the Week: The Secret Walrus (Anthony Wilson)

A builder since the age of 3, Anthony Wilson (better known by artist persona The Secret Walrus) has demonstrated a remarkable depth and versatility in his style. Moving from YouTube and physical conventions to Mocpages, Flickr, and ultimately brickly, Wilson's skill developed immensely with each step that he took. Today,

Artist of the Week: Nick Brick (Nick Jensen)

brickly artist Nick Jensen is pushing the boundaries of realism and creativity in the booming genre of video game-inspired LEGO creations. A student of mechanical engineering, Nick's meticulous attention to technique and incorporation of movable functionality in his replications puts his work into a league of its own.


Artist of the Week: ThirdWorldLego (Robert Panga)

Originally from Manila, Philippines but now living in Sydney, Australia, brickly artist ThirdWorldLego (real name Robert Panga) creates colorful, joyous scenes on a tiny scale. An AFOL since 2011, Panga was first drawn back into bricks by his interest in LEGO comics. This eventually snowballed into his work with 8x8

Artist of the Week: Hudson Rippetoe (Brick Classics)

Hudson Rippetoe is the ambitious mind behind the Blocktober Challenge, the owner of self-proclaimed tiny business Brick Classics, and an easy choice for brickly's new Artist of the Week. Based in Boise, Idaho, Hudson displayed great interest and talent in building different types of objects from a young age. His

Artist of the Week: Molly Raye (AKA Alieraah)

Captivated by all things strange and different, official brickly artist Molly Raye (or Alieraah)'s style exists in a league of its own. From fearsome creatures to Mecha-Babes, Raye doesn't shy away from the sources of inspiration that make her sci-fi warriors so distinct and full of personality.

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