First off, I would like to say bravo to the former team and the fantastic community for making brickly into what it is today. Everyone here at BrickLink have been cheering for brickly ever since their introduction this year at Brickworld Chicago and have had the great pleasure of getting to know the team personally (through some epic meals and fun late nights 😏) in the months that followed. Like a growing number of members in the brick community, we were eagerly anticipating the growth of brickly and counting down the days to the launch of the Android and web apps.

So why the sudden acquisition of brickly? Simply put, we believe that brickly can better fulfill BrickLink’s goal of expanding our role beyond the marketplace. For a long time, BrickLink has been operating behind the scenes facilitating the exchange of brick goods but we have always had a deep craving to become more hands-on with the community we serve.

In our earlier years, we were much more than just a marketplace--BrickLink was once a happening hot spot to “geek out” on all things brick. Although we still remain one of the most popular bricks destinations on the web, BrickLink has undoubtedly lost some of that curiosity, discovery, and expression which was commonplace before the marketplace became the main focus of the site.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with BrickLink, we are the world’s largest community marketplace--and database--for all things brick. Come check us out and realize an addiction you didn’t know you had! 😂

Just as we had decided that we wanted to create a social platform alongside our marketplace to bring the community culture back into BrickLink, brickly showed up with a very similar goal: to grow the brick hobby and bring together all different types of artists, enthusiasts, and audiences into one place. One thing led to another and I think you know what happened next. After much thought and many discussions with the brickly team, we came to a collective decision for how to tackle our shared goals.

Just in case you missed it, the BrickLink team is thrilled to announce that we have reached an agreement to acquire brickly and offer its services as part of our family!

We will be operating brickly independent from the BrickLink Marketplace as we want to ensure a clear distinction between the aspirations and activities of our commerce and community platforms. Moving forward, brickly will continue to connect the diverse people and groups within the community through all kinds of brick-related content.

While they may be kept separate, it’s not to say that these two platforms cannot benefit each other. With brickly, we aim to increase exposure for the brick hobby (lifestyle may be a better word) and get people excited to create and play with bricks as a medium. As interest grows, BrickLink will make sure to get bricks into the hands of people who want and need them; and with those bricks, people can create content that will engage and attract a wider audience. As a result, we envision the greater community of brick enthusiasts overall will not only grow but thrive.

The BrickLink team has some big shoes to fill but we will work hard to facilitate and grow a community we would all be happy to participate in and call our home.

I encourage anyone and everyone to get in touch! You can reach me, Alex (Project Manager for BrickLink & brickly), at or @arrex on the brickly app. You can also contact Jaclyn, Community Manager for BrickLink, at if you have any questions about the transition. See you inside the app and beyond!

To new adventures,

Alex & the BrickLink team