After the incredible turnout from our first building challenge, we really weren't sure what to expect. We wanted these challenges to be a callout to the whole community, from MOC-makers to digital artists, photographers, customizers, etc. So when we saw that after 3 weeks this challenge had received over 80 submissions, we were blown in away the absolute best way possible!

We couldn't have asked for a better community than the one you all have created with us, and we want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts. Making these decisions weren't easy, but we've done the best we could.

Now, on to the winners:

As you all might recall, this challenge has three top prize winners: Best Large MOC (350+ pieces), Best Small MOC (less than 350 pieces), and Best Photographic Entry. They are listed below:

1) Best Large MOC: Primordial Carnage by Shadowgear6335

According to its creator, this terrifying creature is a "symbiote that has been destroyed and reborn numerous times and has given up taking familiar, humanoid form." With so many creepy legs and an absolute magnitude in its form, we felt that 'Primordial Carnage' encapsulated the potential of what a Large MOC can be.

See the full gallery here.

2) Best Small MOC: The Monster of Dr. Frankenstein by Djokson

The zany detail and interesting shapes that Djokson uses to recreate the infamous scene from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is absolutely superb. Plus, the spirit of the build is unmistakably Halloween, making it an excellent choice for Best Small MOC.

See the full gallery here.

3) Best Photographic Entry: Limbo by TheSecretWalrus

The single photo you see above doesn't do justice to the bone-chilling full gallery created by The Secret Walrus. Culminating a MOC, custom minifigs, minifigure photography, and excellent lighting/scene-setting into this scene

See the full gallery here.


All winners will be contacted and should be receiving their prizes shortly! Once again, thank you so much to everyone who participated and voted. It's your passion and drive that keeps us going.

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