From brickly Founder, Jordan:

I’m sure we’ve all heard about the importance of cultivating and fostering creativity in a new generation of artists, builders, makers, etc. In fact, quite consistently since Newsweek first ran a cover story of “The Creativity Crisis” back in 2010, many have called to attention the steady decline of creativity.

Well back in September, I had the pleasure of meeting up with an extraordinary group of individuals (including one of brickly's first artists, Bangoo!) who helped redefine how I perceive “play”. Where am I going with this? With increasing inclination toward overwhelming curriculums at schools (or financial security and maintaining the status quo for adults), play is assuming a much smaller role in everyday life and contributing to the gradual shift away from creativity. Thus, when I learned about an opportunity to go on a trip to rural towns in Southeast Asia and help cultivate creative play with bricks among young students there, I accepted the invitation without thinking twice.

Remember, our vision for brickly does not just end at hopefully becoming the go-to platform for all and any brick-related content. As some of you may already know, our mission is to transform how people perceive bricks. They are not just toys. Bricks ultimately are another medium of artistic, creative expression.

Another reason why this trip turned out to be interesting is that, at least to my limited knowledge, it was the first time a non-LEGO company took an active stance in giving back and promoting learning through play. A new entrant to the market and still under a veil, more information will be released about them soon (hopefully in the coming few months!)

Without further ado… the photos themselves should speak of the unforgettable experience I’ve had in just a few days, seeing with my own eyes children discover and unleash their inner artist, builder, maker… all in all creatives.


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