A builder since the age of 3, Anthony Wilson (better known by artist persona The Secret Walrus) has demonstrated a remarkable depth and versatility in his style. Moving from YouTube and physical conventions to Mocpages, Flickr, and ultimately brickly, Wilson's skill developed immensely with each step that he took. Today, his body of work and ability to incorporate so many impressive techniques into his MOCs reflect his evolution as an artist.

Born in Australia but residing in New Zealand, even Wilson has trouble describing his own style. The one thing that connects all of his work is color, according to Wilson. "Colour can make certain aspects of a MOC stick out (in a good way) that draws the eye, or maybe different colour schemes have certain cultural significance," he told us.

Many of his works also revolve around the medium of Bionicle, which he's been a fan of since childhood. His ability to transform the pieces into mythical creatures, mechs, reimagined animals, and more show his mastery of the craft. He has no fear stepping out of conventional perceptions of how Bionicle or any other medium of bricks are meant to be used and lets his ideas drive his work.

Lastly, the element that most seems to inform Wilson's style is cohesion. He draws this inspiration from fellow builders Mike Neives (retinence) and Nick Vas (Brickthing), two artists who are "able to make something look extremely complex while not making it look messy or hard to look at."

These principles are especially true in Wilson's work, as he transitions from playfully adorable creations to chilling monsters, without seemingly changing anything besides his attitude behind the build. Each of his MOCs is a story in and of itself, and they all reveal a little more about the artist behind them.

Be sure to check out more from The Secret Walrus (AKA Anthony Wilson) in the brickly app today!