brickly artist Nick Jensen is pushing the boundaries of realism and creativity in the booming genre of video game-inspired LEGO creations. A student of mechanical engineering, Nick's meticulous attention to technique and incorporation of movable functionality in his replications puts his work into a league of its own.

A LEGO builder since the age of 3, Nick was first drawn to 1:1 scale weaponry building as a teen by the Halo franchise. Today, he creates true-to-life replications of infamous weapons and characters from a huge variety of games and movies including Call of Duty, Titanfall, Star Wars, Overwatch, Borderlands, Destiny and more. His loyal following has grown to thousands on his YouTube channel, where he teaches experts and new builders alike with elaborate walkthroughs and tutorials for his MOCs.

Each one of Nick's builds is backed up by hours of research, on top of the time spent scouring source material for proper reference shots. He cites 4 major categories that he builds towards: Functions (usability), details, texture (does it match the style of its original game/movie), and structure/stability. "When I build... I try to build something that'll make someone say, 'That looks just like the one in game!'" Nick told us.

As someone who does not support violence, Nick told us that what inspires him most about video games and film is their power in storytelling. "I just want to have current and future games capture my imagination, pull me into their worlds, and make me want to bring that world to life with bricks," he said.

Like any artist's creations, the passion and motivation behind Nick's work is uncovered in its nuances. Despite his immense talent and time spent building, he puts in an equal effort to making his work accessible and understandable to all. He's an active participant in several LUGs and a pillar in the LEGO community.

When asked about using video games as his muse, Nick added "It's often said gaming, television, and movies are time wasters. If they inspire you to create, then that is far from true! Play/watch what inspires you."

If you like Nick Brick's work and want to see more, be sure to follow him at @nickbrick in the brickly app!