Last weekend, the brickly team in New York flew out to the west coast to attend one of Seattle's most beloved AFOL events: BrickCon. With so many amazing artists, community leaders, and brick fans in attendance, the energy in the air was palpable from the moment we set foot in the Seattle Convention Center.

The action kicked off on Thursday night, with an opening ceremony/prize giveaway extravaganza led by BrickCon Director Wayne Hussey. Cheers erupted in bursts as the speakers went over BrickCon's history, threw out free t-shirts, and even raffled off entire LEGO sets (which our team members were lucky enough to get their hands on!) Afterwards, we all settled in for a meet-and-greet pizza dinner, where in an amazing coincidence, we immediately ran into brickly artists Tim Schwalfenberg (@timschwalfenberg) and Kris (@krisproductions).

The next morning, we got a sneak peek at the conference floor before the doors opened to the public, allowing us to watch all the creators get their MOCs set up. It was absolutely incredible watching these talented people turn broken down, boxed up LEGO parts into their extravagant floor models. We even had the privilege of chatting with even more of our amazing brickly artists who happened to be displaying their MOCs, like Jordan (@akbrickster), Nick Brick (@nickbrick), and Alex Park (@alexparkdesigns). If you saw any of these big orange signs while you were there, you were looking at a MOC from one of our artists!

We then had the pleasure of hosting our own presentation that so many supportive fans and newcomers came out to. As well as speaking on the future of brickly and how we plan to provide more opportunities to artists and enthusiasts, we also premiered the 0th edition of our new brickly publication! We finished thing up by raffling off a rare Doctor Who LEGO Ideas Set to one lucky attendee. Congratulations again Rick (@rickoh19)!

That night, we all came back together in the theater for a keynote speech by BrickCon veteran Ty Keltner. Speaking on the love-hate relationship between AFOLs and LEGO, his points were a poignant observation of the ways in which the artists at BrickCon contribute to the inspiration of future generations of AFOLs.

On Saturday morning, the doors opened to the public and the floor was flooded with enthusiastic families and children. We bounced back and forth between chatting with the lovely attendees and watching fun competitions, like the minifig squeeze (a competition in which you must guess what minifig is inside the pack simply by feeling it). We also handed out some gift bags to a few lucky attendees with free bricks, sunglasses, a print copy of our publication, and more.

Finally, on Sunday it was time for us to say goodbye. We took one final pass at the floor, admiring some of our favorite MOCs that we had seen through the course of the weekend, including a collaboration by brickly artists Classical Bricks (@classicalbricks), Cole (@coleblood), and Micah (@micahschmidt). BrickCon had introduced a new 'quiet hours' policy to allow those who don't like crowds to enjoy the builds, which we thoroughly enjoyed. As the afternoon came, we had to finally take our leave and head back to the airport. But not without snagging a pretty awesome photo first.

Thank you so much for the memories, BrickCon 2017. Here's to meeting up again next year!

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