When we first launched the brickly app just a couple months ago, our mantra was to build everything in life with bricks. That's why with so many wonderful ideas and themes associated with this time of year, we wanted to see how creative our artists could get with the simple theme: #OctoberInBricks

If October means candy and goofy costumes to you, we want you to show it to us. If it means scary movies and creepy creatures, build it in brick and make it real! You're free to use any brand of bricks, any number of bricks, digital art, real-world photography, anything your heart desires.


3 winners will receive a $75 gift card to the LEGO Store or Amazon (your choice).


To encourage a wide variety of creations, we'll be giving away 3 prizes for 3 different types of creations.

  1. Best Large MOC (350 pieces and over)
  2. Best Small MOC (Less than 350 pieces)
  3. Best Photographic Entry (Doesn't have to be a build. Could be a minifigure portrait, an abstract design, a combination of media. Get creative!)

How to Enter:

  1. Download the brickly iOS app and post your entry with the tag #OctoberInBricks in the caption. (Or if you can't access our app, enter here).
  2. Describe your piece. Let us know the story behind it and which category you will be submitting it for (you can submit to multiple categories, but not both "Best Large MOC" and "Best Small MOC").
  3. Post your entry to one or more forms of social media (flickr, Instagram, Reddit, etc.) and tag the @bricklyhq page. Audience reception is a factor in judging as well, so ask your friends to like, comment, and save your piece in the brickly app!


  • Up to 5 entries per person.
  • All ideas and creations must be yours alone (pre-made constructions are accepted, as long as you are the original artist).
  • All model sizes, brick types, mods, and digital art are accepted and will be judged against each other. As long as it involves bricks it's fair game, so get creative!
  • Must be at least 13 years of age to enter.


Your pieces will be judged on creativity, skill, storytelling, aesthetic appeal, and audience reception/engagement within the app (so be sure to ask your friends to like your submission within the app).


October 9th until November 1st.
Final submissions are due November 1st at 11:59 PM.

If you have any further questions, contact us at content@brickly.com. Good luck, and happy building!