Hudson Rippetoe is the ambitious mind behind the Blocktober Challenge, the owner of self-proclaimed tiny business Brick Classics, and an easy choice for brickly's new Artist of the Week. Based in Boise, Idaho, Hudson displayed great interest and talent in building different types of objects from a young age. His parents gave him bricks to help channel this energy and, much to their surprise, ended up sparking a lifelong passion for him.

By the time he was just 16, Hudson was winning awards and receiving recognition from some of the country's largest brick conventions, such as Bricks by the Bay and Bricks Cascade. With amazing technical skill and a keen eye for object detail, his creations take realism in bricks to the next level. "My greatest source of inpsiration comes from the world around me," Hudson said. "I especially love antiques and retro items which I often replicate in LEGO." He also cited brick artists like Tyler Clites and Nannan Zhang as people he looked up to in his craft.

In the Spring of 2016, Hudson launched a business by the name of Brick Classics, turning his passion into a full-time job. Through this company, Hudson "inspire[s] creative beauty in people" with stunning custom LEGO kits, many of which you can find on his brickly profile. "Far too few people know how to create beauty and by providing easy to build kits of beautiful LEGO art at an affordable price, I'm able to help remedy that problem in their lives."

Just this month, Hudson launched a campaign that really caught our attention, which he calls Blocktober. For all 31 days in October, he will debut a new build on brickly with a new theme and invite his followers to participate as well! So far, each one has been better than the last and we can't wait to see what kind of inspiration he can drive within our community. To see more from the challenge, read the description here and start browsing through days 1, 2, and 3 in our app.

Hudson has big plans for the future of Brick Classics and his continued work with LEGO. "I hope to see Brick Classics grow into other avenus within the LEGO universe," he said. We can't wait to see what comes next from this talented young artist and are so happy to have him on brickly.

Be sure to check his business site here and follow him on brickly for more!