First of all, the team at brickly wants to sincerely thank every artist that participated in this challenge and all of the people who helped support and vote in our app. We absolutely loved reading about your memories of summer and seeing them translated so wonderfully into brick form.

We run challenges like these to inspire our creators and spark innovation across all types of styles and levels of experience. Based on these results, we're so happy with what the brickly community was able to create. We hope that as we continue to grow, we'll be able to make these kinds of challenges bigger, better, and even more inclusive. Be on the lookout for our October build challenge launching next week!

Now, on to the announcements:

As you all might recall, this challenge has three top prize winners: One people's choice, one guest judge choice, and one brickly choice. They are all listed below:

1) People's Choice: Summer Beach by Mark of Falworth (@markoffalworth)

Besides building a creation with nearly unbelievable detail and realism, Mark did an excellent job promoting his build on social media. It was his public push to get his fans to vote for the piece that propelled "Summer Beach" to be our Community Choice winner!

2) Guest Judge Choice by Max Engel of Brickd: Sunglasses by Felix Jaensch (@felixjaensch)

From Max: What's really great about this build is that it's maneuverable and bends like a real pair of sunglasses. It's simple, but very cleverly captures the essence of this challenge and turns it into something fun.

3) brickly Choice: Lifeguard Tower by Aaron Newman (AKA @nujumetru)

We love that Aaron's build not only looked beautiful, but took us to a specific time and place in his life. Plus, going the extra mile to juxtapose the build with its real life inspiration was an excellent touch!


All winners will be contacted and should be receiving their LEGO Creator Expert set shortly! Once again, thank you so much to everyone who participated. If things didn't go your way this time around, our next challenge is coming up next week so stay tuned!

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