Captivated by all things strange and different, official brickly artist Molly Raye (or Alieraah)'s style exists in a league of its own. From fearsome creatures to Mecha-Babes, Raye doesn't shy away from the sources of inspiration that make her sci-fi warriors so distinct and full of personality.

A Rhode Island resident, Raye began collecting and modifying brick sets over 15 years ago. She would model her character builds after her favorite movies, video games, novels, and later on, some popular AFOL themes, using Bionicle as her primary medium. "When [Bionicle] originally launched in 2001, it immediately caught my attention due to how different and strange they were," Raye told us. "The nature of the theme encouraged my focus on character builds."

It wasn't until about five years later in 2006 that Raye's childhood hobby began transforming into a serious endeavor when she discovered the online LEGO community. "From there I became more focused on creating my own designs instead of just collecting or modifying sets," she said. And as her involvement with other builders online grew, so did her sources of inspiration.

Looking through her body of work, everything from her self-MOC to her award-winning builds displays an admirable lack of compromise. Through her art, she puts on full display the themes and ideas that excite her and has inspired tons of other artists to do the same along the way.

"My hope is that I can inspire others with my MOCs much like others have inspired me," Raye told us. When asked what advice she would give other artists, she said "Keep building what you love. Don't let anyone try to tell you your builds aren't good enough. You've created something unique and original, and that fact alone is awesome."

For more from Molly Raye (or Alieraah), be sure to check out her new Mecha-Babes series in the brickly app and follow her!