A Western New York native and long-standing member of the LEGO community, Isaac Snyder (or @soccersnyderi on brickly) made a name for himself with his simple, elegant castle models. Venturing from hyper-realistic depictions of real life settings to imaginative plays on middle earth, Snyder's growth as an artist since his emergence in 2011 is undeniable and amazing to dig through.


Growing up and building alongside his brother John, Snyder was first drawn into the LEGO community by the castle genre and it remains his favorite to build in. "The basic motivator [for me] is to turn a concept into 3D reality by using LEGO," Snyder told us of his goals as an artist. "If that model can then inspire others to make their own creations, I am entirely satisfied."

What's particularly noteworthy of his work, both in castles and when he branches out, is his meticulous attention to detail in textures and patterns. Looking at pieces like "In the King's Court", there's an incredible level of nuance to dive into, like the white patterns built into the floor, the studs along the walls, and the recreated stained glass effect behind the king. The more attention you pay to one of his builds, the more he rewards you with well-polished, understated pieces of beauty.


As a supportive community member, Snyder is quick to call out the fellow artists whom he admires. "Jonas Kramm, Mark Erickson, Thorsten Bonsch, Jonas Wide, Tim Schwalfenberg, Cesar Soares, Dubbadgrim, Tyler Clites, Steven Erickson, and Marco den Besten. Though there are really too many to list, most of the builder's whose work I have seen has inspired me at some point or another." He also cites his brother John as a partner in many of his MOCs, saying that working with him "really enhances the fun of the hobby."

For the near future, Snyder has a ship build and plans to return to medieval times for his next model. To keep up with his work, be sure to follow him at @soccersnyderi in the brickly app. Plus, see his personal website here for more of his builds, tutorials, and more.