Here at brickly, it's always been our mission to bring brick artists the attention and following that they deserve. But we know how confusing it can be growing your audience and getting more likes on a new, unfamiliar platform. That’s why we put together this quick guide of tips and tricks for getting the most out of your new brickly profile.

1. Focus on photography.

Oftentimes we see artists with incredible MOCs taking photos in messy or arbitrary backgrounds. Be sure to put just as much care into your photography as you do with your builds. You can't go wrong with a clean white background, but also feel free to get creative with colored layouts, digital designs, whatever you feel does your creation justice.

2. Consistency is key.

It can be tempting to post all of your previous materials at once and have it all there, but try to resist that urge. Spreading your work out over time is a huge key in steadily growing your audience. Uploading fresh pieces a few times a week will keep your followers interested and keep new followers coming in, so don’t burn out by posting them all at once.

3. Write a meaningful title and description.

This is key real estate to telling the story of your build. Draw your audience in with a descriptive and exciting title (for example: Gungodar: An Articulated Dragon is better than just Gungodar). Then in your description, elaborate upon the meaning, inspiration, and purpose of your piece. Getting people to actually read something is an accomplishment in and of itself, so be sure to reward your them for their attention.

4. Use tags to get your pieces discovered.

When you write your post captions, take advantage of descriptive tags like #Animal or #Abstract to help people find your post. A handful of tasteful tags on your post can help our team discover and add your work to our playlists, connect you with interested fans, etc. Search for commonly used ones in our “Tags” tab and try them out!

5. Post more on "off-days."

An easy way to cut through the noise and get your posts noticed is to upload when most people aren’t. For example, posting on Tuesday or Sunday can help get your piece more attention because these days tend to get lower upload rates. Our audience is international, so there are always people watching and refreshing their feeds.

6. Follow and support your fellow artists!

At the end of the day we’re all here to see and share great art. Following, liking, saving, and commenting on other people's posts/profiles isn't just a great way to get inspired for your next build, but also a major step in getting established and creating connections. Get invested in your community and support it if you want others to do the same for you.

That’s all our tips for now. Give them a try in our app and let us know if you have any additional tips, feedback, or questions by emailing us at

Happy building!