Isaiah Durand (AKA Garmadon) draws his seemingly endless source of inspiration from an eclectic upbringing, a deep involvement in the brick community, and his natural love of storytelling. Based in the US but having spent much of his upbringing in Chile, Durand was first introduced to bricks by his grandparents as a young child. It wasn't until he discovered the online community that his skills and creativity truly began to flourish.

Though his builds depict scenes throughout history and many imaginary worlds, two common themes run throughout his work: Beautiful colors and compelling plotlines. "[I] really enjoy bringing out the brighter colors and cleaner textures that make a build and it's presentation pop," Durand told us of his personal style.

The second element that separates Durand's work from the pack is the way he utilizes photo series and settings to create unique, multi-part story lines. From the epic depiction of Weyworth Keep to the poetic accompaniment to A cannonball mid-ocean, his writing keeps you hooked from start to finish.

"Inspiration can come from anywhere," Durand told us, "but I particularly like combining my builds with storylines, so those two mutually inspire and promote each other!"

With an exciting collaboration with sister and fellow brickly artist Geneva D. coming soon and many others in the making, now is the perfect time to begin following Durand, AKA Garmadon.

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