Welcome to a new series on our blog, artist profiles! We've been naming Artists of the Week since we first began, but now we're offering a more in-depth look at their work, how they got into bricks, and what really makes them tick. To kick things off, we're featuring super talented artist Felix Jaensch.

Born in Cologne, Germany, Jaensch got his first LEGO set at the age of three and hasn't stopped building since. He began really taking things seriously about five years ago, becoming well known for his incredibly nuanced and lifelike animal builds.

With busts of sharks, tigers, orangutans, and many more, he claims nature as one of his main sources of inspiration. Jaensch utilizes a unique combination or classical studs and some snot techniques for the more complex areas of his builds, even making his creatures in life size when possible! With several projects constantly in rotation, Jaensch keeps himself busy and never fails to deliver creations that take our breath away.

We can't wait to see what he crafts next, and urge you all to give his account a follow at @felixjaensch in the brickly app today!