brickly Meets Brickworld, Chicago 2017 from brickly on Vimeo.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been over two months since we first introduced ourselves to the brick community at Brickworld Chicago this June.

Well, we still have a bit more to go before hitting our first anniversary, but I feel like the brickly Team has come a long way ever since its humble start back in December last year. Our team is still scrappy and small, but I’m also proud to say that we are finally shaping up to function as a cohesive team—and in the process hopefully adding some value to the brick community by providing a pleasant playground for brick artists and brick enthusiasts to showcase their builds.

Now, as much as I love brickly, I also happen to be its harshest critic as well. What we currently have out there entails only the bare minimum of what I envision brickly to evolve into within the next year or so. We still have quite a journey to trek!

The encouraging news is that we’ve pushed out quite a few improvements—some noticeable, some not as obvious—since Brickworld (shown in the video above), and given that we are working tirelessly day and night to continue adding to the progress we’ve made in the past couple months, I’m confident that brickly will increasingly become a more enjoyable space to appreciate brick art.

Hope you enjoyed the above video that documented our very humble start, and thank you so much for your support~


brickly Founder